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Zutty Singleton
drums: traditional

Zutty's first gigs were at the Rosebud Theater with Steve Lewis in 1915. He went to Europe to fight in World War I and came back on the injured list and became a chauffeur. Driving cars for a living didn't last long; Zutty joined Tom's Roadhouse Band in New Orleans.

After playing in a handful of bands in New Orleans, he moved up to St. Louis to play with Charlie Creath. He moved back to New Orleans and jammed with legends Earl Hines and Louis Armstrong in 1927. In 1931 he moved to New York City to play with jazzgod Fats Waller. In the late 30s he lead his own group and played with Roy Eldridge. Through the 50s and 60s he played with a plethora of bands. He retired from the beats in 1970 after suffering from a stroke.