Welcome to harlem.org!

This site is the home for the great day in harlem site. Check it out right now.

The purpose of having a .org site is showing the viewer that this is an independent, not for profit site. There are some links to amazon.com, because we get lots of requests on where to buy the video or related audio material.

This site isn't like those large corporate record company sponsored sites that have little content, but lots of bland 'lite' jazz music and large garish graphics and tons of ads. Content is the focus here. Classic content that fans of the music love and people interested in learning about the art form are searching for. There is information about all of the artists in the photo, not just ones on a certain record label.

The "greatday" site has been doing this for over three years now. I have hundreds of emails from people all around the world who have enjoyed the site because it is simply about the content. From 85 year old guys who have stories to tell about the time they hung out with Count Basie to high school kids who are just learning about the music, the feedback has been wonderful.

Finally, I want to express my sincere thanks to Jason L. Weisberger from SoftAware for hosting this site. Jason, you are a friend and fans of the music from around the world thank you.

Thanks for visiting,

Wayne Bremser.